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Women Who Do Series

A feminist documentary series that focuses on inspiring women and femmes! 

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Watch Episode Nineteen

Meet Set Pace the female led creative collective that organises incredible live music events. They prioritise showcasing independent artists that are new to the music scene and pride themselves on collaboration and giving a platform to other creatives!

Watch Episode Eighteen

Meet the incredible artist and psychologist Judith Kusi who makes important work that tackles the concepts of race and identity. We caught up with her to discuss the messages behind her art and why she continues to create.

Watch Episode Seventeen

Got a sewing machine and some cotton lying around? Here is a step by step guide to make a protective mask!

Watch Episode Sixteen

Meet Safia, the extremely talented maker and crocheter! We discussed influences from her Moroccan heritage, how making her knitwear has been therapeutic and the importance of sustainable fashion. 

Watch Episode Fifteen

Meet Lily, the writer, artist and creator of brilliant feminist cartoons! We caught up with her to discuss why she draws and what it means to be in a woman in the creative world.

Watch Episode Fourteen

Meet the lovely Matty and Gaia who are putting on an arts showcase event called South Sounds at Streatham Space Project. We caught up with them to discuss gentrification, growing up in South London and the importance of community-based events!

Watch Episode Thirteen

Meet sofire_tatu the extremely talented stick and poke artist! We caught up with her to discuss why she prefers working alone, how her client's comfort is so important and what she hopes for the future of the tattoo industry.

Watch Episode Twelve

Meet Meron Tilahun the singer-songwriter we caught up with to discuss how her music is often influenced by love, her use of freestyling to songwrite and her new EP coming out this summer!

Watch Episode Eleven

Meet Cesca the Drag King known as Christian Adore and one half of the The Dragprov Revue double act, we caught up with her to discuss gender, RuPaul and the importance of Drag as an art form!

Watch Episode Ten

Meet Sophie a talented self-taught artist who specialises in portraiture - we caught up with her to discuss her most recent project, the importance of teaching art in school and what female empowerment means to her!

Watch Episode Nine

Thousands gathered in the capital for Processions 2018 to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of women earning the right to vote!

Watch Episode Eight

Meet Camille the creator of Girl World a coming-of-age comedy about two best friends who live in a feminist utopia but once a hole appears in their universe the girls must face the realities of the outside world and pressures of growing up!

Watch Episode Seven

Meet Ellamae Statham an accomplished designer who believes there should be more colour in the world! Her work is both bright and vibrant taking inspiration from architecture to create beautiful structural geometric patterns.

Watch Episode Six

Meet Lauren, curator of The F-Word, an exhibition set up to raise money and awareness for the women and children's charity Refuge. It showcased all-female artwork that challenged the male gaze by encompassing everything fabulous, fierce and feminist!

Watch Episode Five

20,000 people gathered at the Stand Up To Racism March this weekend here is a taster of the protest featuring Diane Abbott MP, Clarrie Mendy and RAY BLK - only some of the inspiring women who spoke.

Watch Episode Four

We caught up with Mollie, Laura and Jonna the founders of Three Trees Theatre, they spoke about their new play Alice that is inspired by the #MeToo movement, and how important it is to continue the discussion about sexual harrassment!

Watch Episode Three

Meet the fiesty singer-songwriter Yiigaa who talks about her musical influences, feminism and exciting new single Enigma!

Watch Episode Two

The Time's Up Rally was organised by Women's March London. 7,000 people attended to show their support for gender equality, an end to sexual harassment and spoke out against sexism. Hosted by Shola Mos-Shogbamimu, with speeches from Lan Wu, Zamzam Ibrahim, Reni Eddo-Lodge & Paris Lees.

Watch Episode One

Meet the talented musician Carmody, she reveals how she first got into music, what it's like for women in the industry and the story behind her most recent track Like That.

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